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      Seaside Rose - sea salt, and rose

      Honeysuckle Jasmine - honeysuckle, jasmine, lemon


      Stormy Waters -citrus, plum, cardamom, amber

      Calm -white sage, lavender, and vanilla

      Coastal Breeze -sea salt, orchid, eucalyptus

      Juniper Woods- camphor, pine, red currant, and juniper

      Caribbean Shores - teakwood, sandalwood, and musk

      Whiskey Latte - whiskey, coffee, and vanilla


      Pumpkin Souffle -ginger, pumpkin, clove

      Banana Bread-  walnut, banana, nutmeg and vanilla

      Autumn Marmalade-cranberry, apple, orange, cinnamon, and clove

      Hallow Eve- butter, caramel, vanilla, popcorn and sea salt